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New Beginnings

September 10, 2020 | Recent Updates

Today marks a day in our lives where we can truly say we are open to new beginnings.  Our economy has rebounded in an incredible way since the start of this pandemic and our lives are beginning to change.  We have learned how to protect our families and those closest to us in the face of a world wide threat.  We have learned what small items we take for granted are most dear to us.  We have finally learned that at any second life can be taken away and with that I say let’s all start to live a little.  Let’s all learn how to enjoy our blessings and our families more.  

We so often take our lives and our jobs so serious that we don’t stop to listen to our children.  I am guilty.  I am so obsessed with being the best that I sometimes put their future in front of their present.  I want so desperately for them to have nice lives that I forget they are currently living their lives.  So I recently took a small step back and pretended I was them.  I realized that I was neglecting their NOW and focusing only on their FUTURE.  I realized that this was wrong and decided it’s time to start living more for now because there is no guarantee for a future for any of us.  Now is the time to make our memories and you can’t take money with you and the kids will not enjoy it without you.

With that being said I have to tell you where the market stands.  The market is still completely insane.  Most boats are selling in days versus weeks or months like a normal market.  Manufacturing was paused and it is still causing a rare uptick in used boat prices.  There is a simple economical explanation and it’s supply and demand.  There are simply not enough boats for the amount of people who want them in Florida.  If you own a boat that is low hours and slightly used it is probably worth more than you paid for it in this market.  I know call me crazy but it’s true.  

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!

Darren Diaz

Jupiter Marine Sales

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New Arrival – 320 LXF

September 10, 2020

New Beginnings

September 10, 2020

Pompano Fishing

Pompano fishing has been on fire lately.  With the winds finally calming down the pomps have made their usual journey through the treasure coast.  I have recently gone down to 25lb floro from my usual 30lb for surf rigs due to clear water conditions.  You can get away with 15lb if the waves are very small.  The lighter you go the better the bite.  Some guys are using 15lb and having great success throwing 4 oz sputnik sinkers on double hook rigs.


I personally throw a 6 oz sputnik with the 25lb setup and 40lb braid.  The braid makes a world of difference for spinning reels for distance casting.  I typically use sand flea flavored fish bites as they seem to work best but shrimp and clam have worked good lately too.  Don’t be afraid to toss a short rod right in the surf too because this year there have been a lot of quality fish right in the break.  Look for shoals and sand bars and set up right off the edges of these structures.  Good Luck