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Not your average summer

July 16, 2020 | Recent Updates

Normally this time of the year we start to wind down and get prepped for show season in the fall.  This year and many to follow may be different with virtual and online showings leading the way to sales success.  Boat sales are on fire and with the sales comes a supply shortage from factories.  Covid has caused many factories to shut down for several months and there may still be more mandatory shutdowns coming.  As the production slows we are seeing a trend upward in used boat sales.  This is not what any of the experts in the industry had predicted but the opposite.  We don’t know how long this can or will last but now is a great time to sell if you have the need.  

We as families and hard working people are all getting very tired of the whole Covid thing.  With that being said it has brought new meaning to the word family time.  As a kid my fondest memories of my father were getting up at 5am to trailer the boat to the lake before sunset.  Those memories are ingrained in my head like no other.  I can only hope and imagine that most of you are taking advantage of this time to unplug and cut the cord.  I hope you are all taking more trips out on the water and enjoying your families.  There is no better way to bond as a family then being on the water and making crazy memories.  Remember and cherish these great moments and remember you are blessed to be able to have this time with family as we all know time is precious.  I pray you all stay safe and protect yourselves during this craziness.  From our family here at Jupiter Marine Sales to yours we wish you the best.


Darren Diaz

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July 16, 2020

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July 16, 2020

Pompano Fishing

Pompano fishing has been on fire lately.  With the winds finally calming down the pomps have made their usual journey through the treasure coast.  I have recently gone down to 25lb floro from my usual 30lb for surf rigs due to clear water conditions.  You can get away with 15lb if the waves are very small.  The lighter you go the better the bite.  Some guys are using 15lb and having great success throwing 4 oz sputnik sinkers on double hook rigs.


I personally throw a 6 oz sputnik with the 25lb setup and 40lb braid.  The braid makes a world of difference for spinning reels for distance casting.  I typically use sand flea flavored fish bites as they seem to work best but shrimp and clam have worked good lately too.  Don’t be afraid to toss a short rod right in the surf too because this year there have been a lot of quality fish right in the break.  Look for shoals and sand bars and set up right off the edges of these structures.  Good Luck