2010 Azimut 105 Fly


A yacht of superlatives: incredibly spacious, very private, ultimately stylish and superbly comfortable. Two and a half decks feature on this striking yacht, open to the sea and landscape. With superbly designed lines emphasized by large windows and a sleek profile showcased by the raised pilot house.

Engines have 600 hours.

Generator has 1000 hours.

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LOA: 103 ft -31.39m
LWL: 103 ft -31.39m
Beam: 21’07″ft – 6.60
Max Draft: 5.4’ft -1.62m
Displacement: 122 t

Total Power: 2200
Cruising Speed: 25 knot – 29 mph
Max Speed: 28 knot – 32 mph

Fuel: 16,400 L – 4333 gls
Fresh Water: 2,500 L – 660 gls


The levels of performance described apply to a standard craft (with standard equipment installed) with clean hull, propeller and rudders. Moreover
it is specified that such levels of performance were achieved under favourable sea and wind conditions (1 on the Beaufort scale and 1 on the
Douglas scale); in the case of diverse or less favourable sea conditions performance levels may vary considerably.

Length overall 31.40 m. 103’
Hull length 31.40 m. 103’
Waterline length 25.94 m. 85’1”
Beam overall 6.60 m. 21’07”
Beam at main section 6.30 m. 20’8”
Draft to keel 1.62 m. 5’4”
Draft at full load 1.97 m. 6’5”
Height above waterline 8.35 m. 27’5”
Full load displacement 122 tons
Fuel capacity 16,400 lt. 4333 gals
Fresh water capacity 2,500 lt. 660 gals
Gray water capacity 1,400 lt. 370 gals
Fresh water capacity 1,400 lt. 370 gals
Cruising speed (at half load) 25 KN
Maximum speed (at half load) 28 KN


The structural project of the hull has been carry out according R.I.N.A. rules, which approved the project.

VINYLESTER RESIN is used for the first coats of the hand laid-up lamination below the water line. This kind of resin is extremely effective

in preventing osmosis thanks to its chemical and physical characteristics.

Based on this, AZIMUT is able to offer 5 YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST OSMOSIS.

Worldwide acknowledged quality isophtalic resin is used for all the stages of the hand laid-up lamination process.

High quality PVC with outstanding mechanical peculiarities is used for main deck and superstructure lamination with sandwich.

Engine room- and collision bulkhead are in laminated in sandwich. All other internal bulkheads are built with advanced composite materials.

Keel is deep V type with 9.9° aft deadrise.

The peculiar shape of the aft swim platform and transom has been designed to integrate into the hull a garage where it is possible to store a tender and a jet ski.

(Tender, jet ski and remote control launching systems for jet ski are optional). The door of the garage on the transom is operable
hydraulically converting into a wide swim platform, provided with teak surface.

An expanding gasket connected to a compressor placed in the garage
guarantees the watertight safety when the aft transom-door is closed.


  • MAIN ENGINES MTU 16V 2000 M92 2200 HP. Diesel engine sixteen V cylinders. Single piston displacement: 2.23 lt. stroke 156 mm, bore: 135 mm.
    Max. power: 1630 kW at 2450 rpm. Hour meter on engines. MTU Blue Line electronics.
  •  REVERSING-REDUCTIONING GROUPS ZF 3060 V, reduction rate 3:1.
  • GEARBOX CONFIGURATION V-drive with universal joint.
  • SHAFTS Marinox 17 steel, diam. 110 mm, supported by brass stands and stern tubes. Tides shaft seals.
  • PROPELLERS Four or five blades, 1150 mm. of diameter, NiBrAl alloy, designed and built to optimize hull performances and to guarantee good comfort during sailing.


    AISI 316 steel with 0,40 sqm of surface to ensure easy maneuvers. Rudderholes and pole of the rudders in Marinox 17. Bar and yoke in carbon steel.
    AISI 316 steel, fixed. Total width: 4250 mm
    AISI 316 steel, each one 650 mm wide
    Hydraulic system, 23.8kW (32Hp) Bow thruster tube screen


  • Two 160 Kg Posidonia anchors in steel.
  • 100m steel chains (16mm of diameter).
  • Built-in stainless steel bow protections.
  • Two 4000W, 220V, anchor winches on bow.
  • Two 2200W, 220V, mooring winches in aft cockpit.
  • Ten cleats in total (two on aft,two on bow and one at midship each side)
  • Two pop-up cleats on the open swim platform


  • The whole system has been carried out according to I.E.C. and C.E.I.
  • rules in force at the moment.
  • Electrical wiring are housed in self-extinguishing closed PVC conduits.
  • Electrical wiring are realized with antiflame materials and with proper size section related to the use.
  • Principal electric control panels are: engine room, technical area under the wheelhouse
  • Secondary and local electrical panels are placed in each area
  • All equipment have ground junction with adequate cords and braiding of cooper with proper section.


    A 55 kW and a 32 kW generators, 220 V, 50 Hz, located in engine room, with hour meter, mounted on silent blocks.
    Sound shield box, control panel and 12V d.c. starter. Predisposition for remote starter.
    One 125 A, 380 V shore power inlet with transformer 380V/220V – 50 KVA.
    Alternating current power sources run to the main electrical panel in engine room provided with voltmeter and frequency meter for 220V power grid. Power sources are
    protected by calibrated fuses and their connection with the line is accomplished by remote control switches. There is double bar system only that spreads current
    to all users. Each user is singly protected by magneto/thermal switches.
    Group of 24V gel batteries of 220Ah., for emergency (emergency lights; navigation lights; fire extinguisher system; VHF; bilge and fire extinguisher system alarms; Intercom).
    Group of 24V gel batteries 840Ah, for service (lighting, signaling and little users).
    Two groups of 24 V leaded batteries 2 x 240Ah, for main engines starter. Group of 24V leaded batteries of 140Ah., for MTU electronics.
    Two groups of 12V leaded batteries 2 x 135Ah, for generators starter.
    25A automatic Mastervolt battery charger for emergency batteries.
    100A automatic Mastervolt battery charger for service batteries.
    25A automatic Mastervolt battery charger for engines starter batteries and, in emergency, for the service batteries.
    25A automatic Mastervolt battery charger for MTU electonics battieries.
    25A automatic Mastervolt battery charger for generators battieries.
    Main engines alternators are charging the main engines starter batteries.
    Genset alternators are charging the generator starter batteries.


  • Digital voltmeter/frequency meter on main panel and on touchscreen in wheelhouse for 220V system control.
  • Voltmeters and ammeters meter on main panel and on touchscreen in wheelhouse for 24V system control;
  • Lighting buttons on main panel and on touchscreen in wheelhouse to connect/disconnect shore inlets;
  • Lights on main panel and on touchscreen in wheelhouse for generator overload;
  • Control on main panel and on touchscreen in wheelhouse for generator starter/on/off;
  • Ammeters on main panel and on touchscreen in wheelhouse for battery load;
  • Engines and gearbox alarms on wheelhouse and fly bridge consoles;
  • Fire alarm in the following areas: garage, technical areas in the garage, engines room, lobbies, crew quarters lobby, salon, technical area under the wheelhouse, galley, wheelhouse, technical area on bow.
  • Fuel high/low level alarm on touchscreen in wheelhouse;
  • Fresh water high/low level alarm on touchscreen in wheelhouse;
  • Grey water high level alarm on touchscreen in wheelhouse;
  • Black water high level alarm on touchscreen in wheelhouse;
  • Bilge water high level alarm on touchscreen in wheelhouse, on wheelhouse console and in main electrical panel.


  • Two aluminum tanks placed in engine room and two structural tanks
  • positioned midship and aft peak. Total capacity: 16,400 lt.(4,333 gals.)
  • Each tank is provided with copper breather pipe and electric sensor for level monitoring.
  • Fuel level is visible in wheelhouse and on the main electrical panel.
  • Fuel filling operation is carry out on each side of the superstructure. It is possible to fill engine room tanks and structural tanks separately.
  • Reversible 24 V electro-pump, automatic and manual, with a capacity of 165 l/min (43 gals/h), to transfer fuel from structural tanks to engine room tanks.
  • Pump controls on electrical panels and wheelhouse.
  • Emergency manual pump.
  • Double separating Racor filters for the pipe that connects engine room
  • tank and main engines/generators. (Single Racors on the genset)
  • AISI 316, copper or rubber flameproof piping.


    . One gray water tank on bow, with a maximum capacity of 1400 lt (370 gals), with two level visible on the touchscreen.
    . Gray water tank to collect showers, sinks, washbasins, appliances and fancoils discharge.
    . Two secondary collecting tank to discharge into the main tank the gray waters collected from crew and VIP heads.
    . Electrical level connected to electric pump placed close to the tanks with 42 lt./min. (11 gals./min.) max. flow rate. The pump
    works both automatically and manually. In the first case a timer guarantees the total emptying of the tank outboard. The pump
    control is in the wheelhouse console.
    . Gray water spare pump (not installed) is supplied.
    . W.C. discharge are piped, under pressure, into the one black water tanks (total capacity: 1400 lt. – 370 gals). Black water tanks can
    discharge either outboard or ashore by means of an automatic/manual electric pump (24 V). The pump control is placed in the wheelhouse.
    . Black water spare pump (not installed) is supplied.
    . Armovin or copper piping.


  • Centralized system with suction in each compartment connected to the
  • main collector positioned in engine room.
  • 24 V electric pump, maximum capacity 200 lt./min.(53 gals./min.) with
  • controls on electrical panels of engine room and wheelhouse.
  • Emergency manual pump placed in engine room.
  • 24 V automatic electrical bilge pumps in engine room and aft peak.
  • Separate movable hose suction is linked to main collector.
  • Emergency suction in engine room connected to one of the main engines sea water intakes.
  • High water level alarm for each compartment with gauges at wheelhouse electric panel.
  • Cooper piping.


  • System can be fed both by structural tank placed under master cabin with a capacity of 2500 lt. (660 gals) and shore connection.
  • Plug for the shore connection on aft.
  • 24 V autoclave electrical pump, positioned in engine room and with 100 lt./min.(26 gals./min.) max. flow rate, pumps water from structural tank
  • to all users: washbasins, sinks, showers, electrical appliances, aft
  • platform shower and main deck hose.
  • Watermaker predisposition
  • Two boilers, one 150 lt. (40 gals) and one 100 lt. (26 gals).
  • WC flushing – Tecma system
  • Armovin or copper piping.
  • 24V backup fresh water pump (not installed)
  • 220V backup fresh water pump (not installed)


  • Four main water intakes with stainless steel valve and filter: two for general utilities and one for each main engine.
  • Antifire, air conditioning, generators cooling and watermaker (when installed) are connected to the two sea water intakes for general utilities.
  • Part of cooling main engines water is used to cool gear box and raisers for gas discharges.
  • AISI 316 steel, 3 mm thick piping. Copper piping in case of diameter
  • less than ½”.
  • Sea water fire system with electric pump, 220V, 200 lt./min., (53
  • gals/min.) max. flow rate, placed in engine room and connected to
  • three main deck hoses (bow and stern). The pump control is positioned on wheelhouse console, electrical panel in engine room and close to anchor winch.
  • Chain washing with sea water supplied by the same pump of antifire system.


  • The wide fly bridge is accessible through the internal staircase in the wheelhouse and the external staircase in the aft cockpit.
  • Windscreen in plexiglass and stainless steel.
  • Pilot settee with three seat, in fiberglass with cushions and stainless steel footrest, placed on bow portside
  • Three-seat sofa with stainless stell footrest, cushions and storage, placed on bow starboardside.
  • Teak table on starboard side.
  • Bar furniture in fiberglass on portside, with sink, two doors for storage, bar top in teak and working top in Corian.
  • Fridge furniture in fiberglass on portside, with fridge, icemaker, storage and working top in Corian.
  • Stainless steel barbecue on portside, with cover in teak.
  • Barbecue storage furniture in fiberglass, with Corian top and storage underneath.
  • Storage cabinet in fiberglass on starboard side.
  • C shaped dining sofa in fiberglass on starboard side, with cushions and storage
  • Fixed teak table for 10 people with two stainless steel bases on starboard side.
  • Four teak folding chairs
  • Water jets tub integrated into a fiberglass cabinet with teak step
  • Sunbathing area on starboard side, next to the tub, with cushions and storage underneath.
  • Shower on aft portside.
  • Fiberglass arch with navigation lights, antennas, Marco PW3 horn, INTAV search light and stainless steel “105” logo
  • Two integrated hardtops structure with electrical sliding bimini placed on bow and on aft of arch.
  • Watertight lights
  • Stainless steel handrails around aft area of the flybridge and around the staircase to the cockpit.
  • Drainage holes.
  • Non skid flooring surface.
  • Covers for flybridge console, teak tables, sofas and sunbathing cushions.


  • Access through staircase from lobby.
  • Consolle with electronics panels in varnished alluminum
  • Helm tubular stand.
  • Four-seat L-shaped sofa on aft portside with coffeetable.
  • Area for maps.
  • Shelves on starboard side.
  • Cabinet with flags rack on portside.
  • Staircase to access to fly bridge.
  • Sink cabinet with mirror on aft
  • Tecma WC on both divided from the rest of the head.
  • -LOBBY
  • Dining area of salon
  • Staircase to wheelhouse
  • Technical area underneath the wheelhouse.
  • Staircase to lower deck
  • Utility room
  • Galley
  • Access to the pantry through the main deck lobby.
  • Dinette with L-shaped settee and table
  • Cabinets
  • Access to staircase to crew quarters. Along the staircase there is access for: small laundry area and technical area on starboard side


  • Double bed with latex mattress, bedspreads and pillows.
  • Storage underneath the bed.
  • Two nightstands.
  • Reading lights on the nightstands.
  • Indirect lighting on ceiling.
  • Indirect lighting behind the panel on the bulkhead behind the bed.
  • Panoramic windows on both sides of the cabin.
  • Two armchairs with table on portside.
  • Drawers and vanity with stool on starboard side.
  • Minibar (45 liters)
  • Curtains, upholstery and carpet.


  • Dressing room located on bow starboard area of the master cabin with lights, drawers, shelves, hanging bars and safe box
  • Double master head with shower in the middle and access from both
  • sides.

GUEST CABINS – twins berths

  • Twins berths with latex mattresses, bedspreads and pillows.
  • One nightstands.
  • Reading lights on the nightstand.
  • Indirect lighting on ceiling.
  • Indirect lighting behind the panel on the bulkhead behind the beds.
  • One big opening porthole.
  • Wardrobe with hanging bar, light and drawers.
  • Drawers under the outboard bed and big storage under the inboard bed
  • Curtain, upholstery and carpet.

GUEST HEADS- twins berths

  • Tecma WC system.
  • Washbasin.
  • Cabinets and mirror.
  • Shower with glass door.
  • One big opening porthole.
  • Venetian blinds.


  • Double bed with latex mattress, bedspread and pillows.
  • Storage underneath the bed.
  • Two nightstands.
  • Reading lights on the nightstands.
  • Indirect lighting on ceiling.
  • Indirect lighting behind the panel on the the bulkhead behind the bed.
  • Two round portholes on hullside.
  • Wardrobes with hanging bar, light and shelves
  • Curtain, upholstery and carpet.


  • Tecma WC system.
  • One washbasin.
  • Cabinets and mirror.
  • Shower.
  • Opening porthole.
  • Venetian blinds.

Access through an independent staircase from galley. Crew quarters
are made up as follows:


  • Queen size bed with rubber foam mattress, bedspread and pillows.
  • Drawers underneath the bed.
  • Halogen spotlights.
  • Round porthole.
  • Curtains.


  • Two bunk beds with rubber foam mattresses, bedspreads and pillows.
  • Drawers underneath the lower bed.
  • Halogen spotlights.
  • Round porthole.
  • Curtains.


  • Tecma WC system.
  • Sink.
  • Shower.
  • Venetian blinds


  • Wide area for a tender (max dimensions: 4.50 x 2.20 x 1.00 mt) and one jet-ski (max dimensions: 3.25 x 1.18 x 0.90 mt).
  • Launching and recovering system for the tender.

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

This boat is centrally listed by Florida Yachts International. She is offered as a convenience by this yacht broker to its clients and is not intended to convey direct representation of a specific yacht for sale.