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Scout Boats are one of many Top sellers right now!

July 8, 2020 | Recent Updates

With a trend in sales that many in the industry have never seen and no one could have predicted, it’s safe to say that the market is a sellers market from a purely supply and demand aspect.  SeaRay SLX have been a hot commodity as well as center consoles of any type (Especially the Cape Horns) in the 35-39 ft class.  With nothing to do and no place to go this summer it has caused boat sales to spike to new heights.  Couple that with factories having been shut down nationwide and you now have a shortage on new inventory to top it off.  I am personally scrambling for buyers to get offers in before someone else does.  Sometimes it’s a matter of minutes and you get lucky or don’t.  With all of the craziness in the world and all the families forced to home school it makes a long weekend on the boat seem like a month on the water.  We have been very blessed to have helped some incredible people find their dream boats recently and we won’t stop.  If you have a boat you would like to sell please call immediately and we can help you sell it fast and for top dollar.  I have way more but we are short on time.  I look forward to speaking with all of you in the near future.  Stay safe and God Bless you and your families!!!

Darren Diaz

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Pompano Fishing

Pompano fishing has been on fire lately.  With the winds finally calming down the pomps have made their usual journey through the treasure coast.  I have recently gone down to 25lb floro from my usual 30lb for surf rigs due to clear water conditions.  You can get away with 15lb if the waves are very small.  The lighter you go the better the bite.  Some guys are using 15lb and having great success throwing 4 oz sputnik sinkers on double hook rigs.


I personally throw a 6 oz sputnik with the 25lb setup and 40lb braid.  The braid makes a world of difference for spinning reels for distance casting.  I typically use sand flea flavored fish bites as they seem to work best but shrimp and clam have worked good lately too.  Don’t be afraid to toss a short rod right in the surf too because this year there have been a lot of quality fish right in the break.  Look for shoals and sand bars and set up right off the edges of these structures.  Good Luck