Now is the time to sell your boat fast and for more than market value! Ask us how!
How to prep your boat for sale


The beginning…or judging a book by its cover is what I call this section.
Part 1 – The first person who sees your boat is likely the one who is going to buy it. When showing a boat for the first time it is absolutely critical to have your boat looking its best.
This starts with hiring a professional detail team.

Deep Clean

A deep clean will show a buyer that you loved and cared for your boat. Buyers are very turned off by boats that have been sitting untouched for long periods of time. Don't let your moldy personal belongings be the thing that costs you thousands.

Detail your Boat or Yacht

A Boat sale is not a magical thing. In fact it's a simple process if the details are handled up front. The boat needs to be emptied of personal belongings and all bilges and hatches cleaned out. Only leave safety equipment and first aid.

Wax and Compound

White or chalky paint is an immediate turn off and will end a showing before it begins. Nothing stops a sale like dull white paint. Spend the money up front and you will see 10-15% more on offers.

Rust and oxidation removal

Salt water boats are not immune to the elements. Any and all metal parts need to be cleaned and metal waxed. This special wax will remove the stains and make the metal shine like new. Rusty drip marks are a big turn off.

Service and Maintenance

Nothing stops a sale like a boat without service records. If you can't find past records we recommend you spend the money and do a fresh service from a certified mechanic. This is a must. It leaves the buyer with a sense of security.

Batteries and power

One very common problem especially with boats stored in dry stack facilities is the batteries. Nothing spells disaster like getting on the boat for a sea trial and you have dead batteries. Make sure your batteries are properly charged or replaced.